Enjoying that Autumn Glow


A favourite time of year for many, Mairead Robinson shares some tips for looking lovely this season


While the summer – such as it was – has passed, we can enjoy the best of our weather in the colourful autumn months.  This is when nature’s hues of brown and gold invite us outside to enjoy country walks and when holiday destinations offer us better bargains now that the children are back at school! But whether you are spending the time at home or heading off to the Mediterranean, it is very important to remember to care for your skin and use your SPF cream every day.

Generally we are not so good at using sun screen unless we feel the burn of the midsummer sun, but it is important to remember that from an anti-aging perspective, as well as protecting ourselves from sun-induced sun damage that we need to protect our skin every day. While sun rays enhance our feeling of well-being and are also an important factor for the synthesis of Vitamin D which is essential for the bone structure, too much sun and UV exposure can lead to serious skin damage.  And now more and more people of all ages are discovering they have an allergy to the sun these days also, and for sensitive skin, this can be a real issue. The most important triggers are free radicals induced by sun exposure from Polymorphic Light Eruption (PLP) and the resulting oxidative stress causes cell damage that results in inflammatory and allergic reactions.

EUCERIN have developed a comprehensive protection system against sun-induced damage – both in upper and deeper skin layers.   This is particularly good news for those with sensitive skin.  Available in both 30SPF and 50SPF and in oil spray, cream-gel and mattifying fluid for the face, the range of products is especially beneficial for those who find for a number of reasons, they are not getting enough protection from their other sun creams.

Now there is some great news for people who like to do their shopping from the comfort of their own home.  SUSPERDRUG – www.superdrug.com – has opened its web doors to Ireland and from the end of July this year, Irish customers will be able to order on-line and have the products delivered to their door. Alternatively they can be purchased at shops in Wexford, Tallagh, Limerick and Letterkenny. The launch of Health & Beauty Card in Ireland enables customers to participate in special promotions and offers.  There are currently around six million Health & Beautycard members in the UK and launch offers which new members will be able to enjoy include ten per cent off everything and 50 bonus points when customers register.  So now beauty lovers in Ireland will be able to shop online for the first time for products including Superdrug’s own brand range of beauty products and toiletries all of which carry the leaping bunny symbol of Cruelty Free International.  You can check out the full range of products on the website.

Following on from last month’s anti-aging special where I recommended a large range of great products available to us in the battle against the effects of the ravages of time, I was contacted by a few readers who asked why I did not recommend products for men.  What about the men, you said! And while the range is certainly nowhere near as comprehensive as it is for women, there are a growing number of products specifically manufactured for men, and the demand is certainly on the increase.  While the more conservative males might be slow to follow the likes of David Beckham along the ‘metro sexual’ path, most men now look for something more than a quick shower and shave. So following on from deodorant, the next step is moisturiser – a man’s best friend!  And the new NIVEA MEN CREAM is a no-nonsense, all purpose moisturising cream.  With a fresh, masculine scent this cream is suitable for face, body and hands and has a light, non-greasy formula that absorbs super-fast leaving well moisturised and healthy looking skin.  Available from September this year, the 150ml tin costs just €5.00  So, there is no excuse at all now men!

Always interested in new products coming on the market, I was delighted to discover the latest offering from VICHY.  Following on from the popular Idealia Serum, Vichy have just launched their Idealia Skin Sleep. This is a real miracle product which will plump up your skin while you sleep and so you wakeup with rested features and a fresh complexion no matter how many hours sleep you have.  Night creams are so important, and a good one is probably the most valuable item on your bathroom shelf.  One thing I especially like about this one is how the gel balm is light and luxurious and feels like silk on your skin. It is easily absorbed and is the first night product clinically proven to stimulate all the skin’s deep sleep mechanisms, to ensure no matter how many hours sleep you have the skins nightly functions will remain at their optimum. This is a great product for poor sleepers and for those who take a lot of flights, which are so hard on our skin.

Finally, another great new product aimed at those of us who have found an alarming amount of brown spots on our skin – a real sign of aging.  Our friends at NUXE have just launched SPLENDIEUSE, a product designed to tackle all pigments including dark spots, age spots and blemishes.  The name Splendieuse comes from the French words for Splendid and Radiant, which is exactly how it aims to leave your skin!  It comes in cream, fluid, serum and a mask and like all products from the NUXE brand, it has natural floral extracts at its base.  These lovely products are available in pharmacies nation wide from mid-September.

With such a great range of new cosmetic products becoming available for both women and men, there really is no reason why we can’t all have a youthful glow!  Do send your queries and comments to me at mairead.seniorbeauty@gmail.com


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