Meeting Place

This is the listing in the current issue of SeniorTimes magazine  – available in all newsagents





If you are interested in meeting someone of the opposite or same sex, send your advertisement, with four stamps (which is the average reply rate) enclosed in the envelope, to:
Meeting Place, Senior Times, Unit 1, 15 Oxford Lane, Ranelagh, Dublin 6.
Or email:

Ensure you give your approximate age and the area you live, noting your interests. The advertisement should not be more than 60 words.

If you are replying to the advertisement via Senior Time’s email, ensure you include your postal address for those not on the Net.

Deadline for receipt of advertisements for the next issue is the 5th December 2019

Each reply to an advertisement should be enclosed in a plain, stamped envelope, with the box number marked in pencil so that it can be erased before being forwarded to the advertiser.  Send these envelopes in a covering envelope to the address above so that we can forward them to the advertiser.  There is no limit to the amount of advertisements to which you can reply, provided each one is contained in a plain, stamped envelope.

Correspondents submitting advertisements, or replying to advertisements by email MUST also include their postal address for those not on the Net.

Do not include your postal address, only your phone number. There is no deadline for replying to advertisements, but we can only process replies from the current issue of Senior Times and not back issues.