What’s on in the Arts May/June 2017


Dublin Dance Festival springs into life with new work from traditional Irish dance artist Colin Dunne in his new solo show, Concert.  Other work includes Sunny, a vibrant joyful collision of gorgeous dance and a live concert from French company Emanuel Gat Dance and DJ, singer and performer Awir Leon.  At the other end of the scale, is a collaboration between multi award-winning Austrian choreographer Chris Haring and French fine artist Michel Blazy that has resulted in Deep Dish.  Described as a stunning spectacle of Baroque opulence, it centres on a bizarre dinner party where the audience encounters the beauty and decadence of human existence. There are many more delights on offer from the festival to suit all tastes and ages – see dancedancefestival.ie for info on venues and booking.

Johannes Vermeer is one of the most loved, treasured and well-known artists in the world today.  Images from his paintings have become part of our collective imagination and are instantly recognisable.  A new much anticipated exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland from June 17 entitled, Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry, explores the artist’s relationship with his contemporaries in the Dutch Golden Age of the 16th Century. Ten of Vermeer’s works are expected in Dublin which represents a unique opportunity to view and enjoy them. The exhibition, currently on show at the Louvre in Paris, has attracted huge appreciative crowds. See nationalgallery.ie for info and booking.

Released to coincide with the exhibition, is a new feature documentary, Vermeer, Beyond Time French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Cottet adopts an imaginative and sensitive approach to his subject focusing on the work itself but also choosing to explore Vermeer’s family life including his conversion to Catholicism, his artistic contemporaries and the wider world of the short lived Dutch Republic.  The documentary will be shown at various venues around the country. Watch out for it in your local arts centre.

The music of Leonard Cohen is a jumping off point for writer John MacKenna’s new theatre piece, a requiem written in memory of young friends and in honour of those who mourn them. In late October 2016, just two weeks before his death, Leonard approved the final draft of Between Your Love and Mine. The event takes place on Saturday, June 24 at Mermaid Arts Centre/ mermaidartscentre.ie.

Finally, in Hampstead, our very own Brendan Gleeson fetches up on the eponymous heath as a homeless man who meets and strikes up a relationship with an American widow played by Diane Keaton. Sounds interesting…

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