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Establish an effective skin care routine for 2020 and see the benefits

Mairead Robinson suggests some tips and tricks

Whatever your age, the most important element of any beauty regime is caring for your skin.   While we may come across some individual products that suit us, it is important to never lose sight of the bigger picture – the step-by-step regime that will ensure that your skin stays in optimum condition.  So whatever your skin type, these are six key steps to follow:-

1. Cleanse. Healthy skin starts with clean skin.  You should wash/cleanse you face twice daily to get rid of all dirt, sweat, make-up etc.

2. Exfoliate.  Once a week use a gentle exfoliating product if you have mature skin , but this step in your regime ensures that you unplug pores and keep your skin clear and smooth.

3. Masque. not just for the beauty salon. Once a week treat yourself to a hydrating masque to improve elasticity and firming of the skin.

4. Moisturise. Moisturise your skin morning and night to rehydrate your skin and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Use a richer moisturiser by night, and apply a serum beforehand for extra effectiveness.

5. Eye Care. The delicate skin around the eyes requires special attention.  Invest in a good eye cream, apply with your ring finger, and dap it gently around the eye socket.  Do not rub in. Helps to prevent puffiness and dark circles as well as fine lines.

6. Protection. It is very important to protect the skin against sun damage, so always sue an SPF to hydrate and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. If your foundation does not contain SPF of at least 30, then invest in a specific product.

There is no doubt that as we age, our skin changes and reflects the passing years and the life we have lived. Certainly heavy smokers and those who spent a lot of time in the sun will have a more ‘weathered’ skin than those who didn’t.  However while it is impossible to turn back time, without resorting to drastic plastic surgery, it is possible to nurture and care for the skin you have right now.  Hydration is the key, and while applying moisturiser morning and night is important at any age, the addition of a good serum is important for mature skin.  This will help to prevent free radical damage and reduce inflammation while also boosting the collagen content.  A new super-serum from Eminence is specifically designed for mature skin and contains Citrus and Kale and the important vitamins C and E for maximum skin protection.  Apply 3 / 4 drops to cleansed skin each morning followed by your moisturiser. Test results have shown that regular use will result in firmer, brighter and younger looking skin.

Now if you want to fast track your skin care regime, there is an excellent new product from IT Cosmetics aptly called ‘Miracle Water’ which is a 3-in-1 tonic that brightens the skin, is an anti-ageing treatment and also a skin softening  cleanser.  Tests have shown improved skin hydration and brighter clearer skin with pores appearing minimized with regular use.  Apply morning and evening on a cotton pad, sweep across your face and do not rinse off.  You can pat the remaining product on your skin until fully absorbed.


For those with sensitive skin, Avene have a full range of products for your beauty regime.  Whatever your age,  sensitive skin needs specific products otherwise you can suffer from potential skin break out with adverse reactions. My daughter is a big Avene fan for this very reason, and uses their Thermal Water  whenever her skin needs calming after an allergic reaction.  Their Cleansing Foam is soap free and a great cleansing product, as is their gentle milk cleanser, they also have a soothing mask, a gentle exfoliating gel and an excellent plumping serum for mature sensitive skin.  Their day and night creams and eye cream range, PhysioLift, is designed to target the signs of ageing, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.  They also have an exceptional range of sun protection products with an SPF of 50, in both tinted and water resistant creams.  Essential to pack these if you plan on heading to the sun for a break this spring.  Avene’s extensive product range ensures that you can follow a full skin care regime designed for mature skin without upsetting the delicate balance of sensitive skin.

And finally for the ethical shopper, a new range of skin care that I came across is Dr. Bonner’s whose products are all certified Fairtrade, Vegan and made with organic oils. Available in health stores and pharmacies nationwide, they range includes soaps, body lotions, face and hair cleansers etc.   They include pure-Castile soap, which is concentrated and one small squirt can go a long way.  Interestingly Castile soap has many uses besides the face and body, and can be used to wash the dog and get rid of bugs on your houseplants!  It also comes in their ‘Baby’ range, which includes unscented products suitable for babies and very sensitive skin. My favourite product is the 4-in-1 Baby Unscented Organic Sugar Soap, suitable for hands, face, hair and body – and of course for baby too!  With organic sugar helping to put moisture back into the skin, the result is super-soft, smooth and hydrated skin.

Finally remember to care for your lips after the cold chaffing winter wind.  You want to choose a lipstick that is moisturising and hydrating along with adding colour and fullness to your lips. Isadora have just launched an excellent new moisturising and creamy lipstick with a super comfortable feel and long lasting wear. It is infused with a mix of deeply hydrating ingredients to keep the lips soft, smooth and moisturised. The creamy, lightweight formula provides a luminous finish with visually fuller lips. It comes in sixteen shades, so you will find one to match your skintone.

These days it is all about positive body image and positive ageing. So love your skin, nurture it and don’t worry about the natural signs of ageing.   Remember those laughter lines reflect years of happiness!


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