Berry and peanut butter oats – A recipe from Trisha Lewis’ new Cookbook


Being honest, I don’t really like oats in general but they make me feel so good I had to make them work for me. So I added some extra ingredients – who doesn’t like berries? I’m happy to say it is absolutely delicious now! I am just set up for the day with this nourishing bowl.



  • 35g oats

  • 150ml full fat milk

  • 50g frozen raspberries

  • 60g fresh strawberries, hulled and halved

  • 40g fresh raspberries

  • 20g fresh blueberries

  • 15g 100% peanut butter

Put your oats and milk in a pot and bring to the boil. Turn down the heat and cook for 2 minutes, stirring

continuously until thickened. Add in your frozen raspberries and cook until soft and

heated through. Tip into a bowl and scatter over your fresh strawberries,

blueberries and raspberries, then spoon the peanut butter on top.


Ireland’s favourite weight loss star reveals her delicious recipes in new cookbook

When Trisha Lewis stood on the scales in February 2018 and saw 26 stone on the display, she knew she had hit rock bottom. In her new book Trisha’s Transformation, the popular Instagram star and professional chef shares her moving story, her lessons learned, along with 60 delicious recipes which have kept her fuelled and motivated to beat the bulge.

In the book, Trisha speaks about her childhood and growing up on a dairy farm in Limerick where she was one of nine sisters. Her instant sibling-community would stay with her every step of the journey, from childhood bullying, to backing out of being a bridesmaid, from milestones missed to WhatsApps left on “read”, they were by her side through it all.

This sense of community has followed Trisha along her path, and after she hit rock bottom, she made the ultimate act of modern-day accountability to finally turn her life around by creating a public Instagram page detailing her journey. Trisha’s following grew rapidly, with followers loving her honesty, humour, and motivation.

On writing the book and sharing her recipes Trisha says, ‘I wanted to help anyone who may have been in my position and show them that you have never gone too far. The recipes in the book are simple, tasty, and cost-effective. I picked them because I find the food you need to eat in the typical diets boring and unsustainable. I would like to lose weight, but I do not want to lose flavour’.

Since that day in February 2018, Trisha has lost 8 stone and each day, she is changing her life for the better. She is well and truly beating the bulge!

Trisha’s Transformation is published by Gill Books, priced at €19.99

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