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Online shopping is proving to be a lifeline for one Kerry based seafood company

Kerry based company, Star Seafoods, is embracing increasing customer demand for online shopping and has diversified into an online direct operation, delivering to homes throughout Ireland.

Its fleet of fully refrigerated vans are a familiar sight cris-crossing the country as they deliver succulent salmon, hake, cod as well as crab, scallops and juicy prawns as well as a whole host of other fishy delights.

It has attracted over 10,000 loyal customers in record short time and has been such a success that it has plans to it has plans to expand its delivery network.

Managing Director, Daniel McCarthy says “Online has truly been a lifeline for Star Seafoods as lockdown hit us hard. We would normally be supplying up to 350 top hotels and restaurants but they’ve been forced to close twice now due to COVID-19 restrictions so we had to look for an additional viable customer base and fast. I think the fact that online is working so well for us is that we offer the freshest of fish; Once the fish has landed it is brought straight to our state of the art factory in Kenmare where it is filleted, iced and packed and from there delivered in our  special refrigerated vans which are top spec and guarantee freshness. It’s almost from the sea to the dinner plate! People are going wild for it, they love the fact that they can get sparklingly fresh fish right to their doors, at keen prices and in such a convenient way”.

“There is just a €10 minimum order and free delivery, so it’s offering customers. We’re delighted with how it’s going and the most important thing is that we are getting constant repeat custom” .

“If there’s anything businesses have learned from 2020 it’s this – in order to survive we have had to reimagine, rejig and reinvent; Star Seafoods has done that and it’s working well”

Star Seafoods is current delivering to Cork city, Limerick city, Galway city, all over Dublin county as well as parts of Kildare, Wicklow, Meath, Kerry, Clare and Laois gathering over 10,000 customers in a very short amount of time.

Prior to COVID-19 restrictions earlier this year it had been supplying up to 350 top hotels and restaurants and was firmly positioned as one of the leading seafood distributors in the country.

It delivers to homes in Kerry, Cork city, Limerick city, Galway city, all over Dublin county as well as parts of Kildare, Wicklow, Meath, Clare and Laois.

It is also part of the thriving and vibrant fresh food  Market’s in West Cork, Kerry ,Limerick and Waterford.

It as a special Christmas section and is selling Christmas Vouchers

It has plans to expand its delivery network.

Just €10 minimum order and free delivery.

It has a fleet of top spec fully refrigerated vans guaranteeing freshness. The company endeavours to facilitate customers and will try to organise  delivery times to suit them.

They always look to get fish off the day boats. These boats don’t do overnights so customers are guaranteed that it was caught on the same day they buy it.

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