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Protect your skin when summer finally arrives – Mairead Robinson offers some suggestions

Now that the long awaited summer is arriving and our travel restrictions have eased, we are all getting out and about that bit more. We are taking longer walks, perhaps a dip in the sea, certainly getting out in the garden, maybe a round of golf – and taking in a welcome breath of bright fresh air. Never have we yearned for the outdoors so much. And while it is vital to get as much Vitamin D as we can to boost our immune systems, it is also very important to protect our skin from sun damage. And so with a little care and some good products we can do just that. There are many sun protection creams and sprays on the market, so it is important to choose the right one for maximum protection for your skin.  Unfortunately due to our pale Celtic complexions, we are more sensitive to sun exposure, burn more easily and generally we need more protection. It is a sobering fact that the Irish Cancer Society has said that rates of skin cancer in Ireland are increasing and expected to double by 2040. So using good sun protection is vital and while the most important thing is to protect against skin cancer, we also want to protect against skin aging.

Avene have been very active in skin care for over thirty years, and are a well loved brand for those with sensitive skin. Their new Intense Protect 50+ is a daily sun care and enhancer for sensitive skin and a complexion perfector. My daughter who is in her mid-thirties will use nothing else!  Intense Protect 50+ is suitable for everyone including babies from 6 months of age, children, pregnant women and very light photo types. Due to the very high protection and tolerance properties this new hero hybrid sun cream can be used on damaged skin, tattooed skin, scarred skin and even on post procedure skin. Thanks to these outstanding properties, Intense Protect 50+ covers the most intense protection requirements and the most extreme conditions and is suitable for the most sun-sensitive skin. It is fast-absorbing, non drying and is sweat and water resistant for up to two hours. It has a transparent nude tone that all skin types can wear.

Another well loved skin care brand Eucrin  have an excellent range of sensitive protect sun allergy creams and sprays for face and body with SPFs of 30 and 50. They have also released a new range of skin care products to combat pigmentation, which we often accept as age spots or sun spots. The correct term is hyperpigmentation, and it covers uneven pigmentation caused by a range of issues, age, sun, laser treatments, hormone imbalance among others. Eucerin’s anti-pigment range acts directly to reduce melanin production in the skin – the root cause of hyperpigmentation. So effective is this new range using the ingredient Thiamidol, that you can notice a real difference in your skin after using these products for just two weeks. The range is especially suitable for mature skin and includes a day cream with SPF 30, a night cream and a dual serum. It also includes a Spot Corrector which effectively reduces the appearance of dark spots and gives a more even skin tone.

You certainly don’t have to break the bank when choosing the sun protection product that works best for you. Garnier Amber Solaire  have a new Anti-Dryness Super UV SPF50+ which contains glycerine and is a real tonic dry for very dry skin. And this new cream costs just €6

Of course it is not just the face that needs care and moisturising, as dry oil for body and hair should be part of your regular skin care routine.  I always recommend massaging oil into wet skin after the shower for maximum benefit.  Nuxe  has for years been a favourite brand of mine, and their Huile Prodigieuse, with seven precious botanical oils is a multi-purpose dry oil. As an all in one product, the skin is nourished, smoothed and evened, hair is soft and shiny and it also improves the appearance of stretch marks and scars. The exciting news now is that NUXE have just released a new Super Serum [10] which combines their oil expertise and anti-aging expertise to produce a serum which your face will love. Ingredients include natural hyaluronic acid and botanical oils. It should be used morning and night on face, neck and décolleté. The effectiveness of this new serum has been evaluated by a cutting-edge technology using 3D micro-dermis. It certainly feels like silk as it penetrates the skin.

And finally, a new range of skin products that were developed in Cork.  The core ingredients in Codex Beauty Bia  collection are locally sourced in Ireland. It is a bioscience-led beauty company that is setting a new standard in organic luxury skincare. The core collection includes an Exfoliating Wash for toning and polishing, Eye Gel Cream for cooling and brightening, Day Cream for restoring and hydrating and Skin Superfood which is nourishing and moisturising.

So as we step out into the garden, the beach or park, while we welcome the much-needed Vitamin D, it is vital to also protect and nourish our skin too.  There is no shortage of good skin care products to help you do just that. Check out your local pharmacy and choose what suits you best.

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