The new sixty question Quiz – Presented by Quizmaster Michael Ryan


A chance to answer sixty general knowledge Questions and give your brain a gentle workout with Michael Ryan

Mike kicks off proceedings with some nice easy questions and they gradually get more difficult . He also plans to throw in a couple of trick questions to knock you off your stride.

Many of us have struggled mentally during the last year and many of us simply got lazy – This new Senior Times podcast will test your memory with 60 general knowledge questions – as lockdown eases why not start by exercising your brain and answer as many questions as you can.

So get yourself a pen and paper and don’t leave your chair – but let us know how you get on and to find all the correct answers to all 60 questions visit www.senior and if you have a Facebook page then like the www.SeniorTimes/Facebook and we will keep you posted with information on all upcoming Quiz podcasts as we release them.

Many of the questions Michael asks will bring back great memories of Black & White movies, TV Shows plus general knowledge sport and more … there are no prizes for the best brainboxes out there however our sponsors Doro phones are giving us 3 smart phones to give away with the 60 question Quiz to celebrate its release.

All 60 Correct Answers will be found on this website or simply follow the Senior Times Facebook page

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