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Is thinking about retirement just too daunting? Are you so busy working that planning your retirement feels like one task too many? Not something you need to be worrying about right now? Well, stop! We in the Retirement Planning Council of Ireland (RPCI) have just launched our new website – rpc.ie. We invite you to take a browse. It’s packed with detail, advice and up to date information about what retirement might look like for you.

RPCI is in business for over forty years so we do have some experience under our belts. We’re all about helping people to prepare and transition to the next stage of living. That’s why the first thing you see on our new website is a long and winding road. But no worries, RPCI will get you orientated.

Everyone is not at the same point. So, we offer different courses grouped around: planning for retirement, mid-career financial planning and one-to-one course planning on retirement. We aim for a holistic approach on our courses that considers all the financial aspects to retirement but also information on relationships, identity, health and wellbeing.

Our courses are held in venues throughout Ireland – Sligo, Westport, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Waterford, Kilkenny and Dublin.  New for this year we offer retirement weekend courses – check them out too!  You can book them directly from our website. It’s also possible to see how many places are available so there’s no time wasting and endless back and forth.  The aims and content of the individual courses are clearly outlined as well as the intended audience. You can easily see which course is the right for you. Elsewhere, there is plenty of detail about our programme leaders and course specialists so again you know what to expect.

Before booking a course, you can speak to an advisor who can talk through everything with you. One of the things that we in the RPCI pride ourselves on is our follow through for course participants. Once you have attended a course you are entitled to free lifetime support. Once the course is completed, you can also download all the course content.

Attending an RPCI course

We also offer courses on related topics including: working on in retirement; genealogy and family history; start your own business; get fit, get moving.





If you are a big organisation looking to help your staff deal effectively and well with their retirement plans, you might like to check out our corporate membership benefits. We also have a resource area for corporate members that gives you access to items and information of relevance to you.

Our blog is updated regularly with news and information. We trawl through press and media sites to pick out articles and stories that we hope you find helpful. We also highlight personal stories about people who have completed courses with the RPCI. They give some insight about what they found useful and how attending a course changed or improved their approach to retirement.

One of the discoveries which we hope you will uncover on the site is our knowledge base page which includes information on a wide variety of topics and areas particularly around lifelong learning which you might enjoy delving into.

RPCI is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity.  We like to be very clear about what we do and how we do it. You will find information about who’s on our board, who’s on our staff and our corporate governance. It’s not very exciting but we think it is important.

Take a moment, or a couple, to see what’s up there on www.rpc.ie

Established in 1974, the RPCI is a Registered Charity, a not for profit organisation, wholly independent of all financial institutions and with a voluntary board of directors. RPCI is based at 14/15 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2   Ph: 01 478 9471 / www.rpc.ie  Courses are held in Dublin and around the country on a very regular basis. Please check the website for more details.

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