Why use our Heart Screening services for your customers?

  • Our heart screening service provides fast, accurate, safe and painless vital heart health information for your customers at your premises in about 20 minutes.
  • The actual pressure in the heart is measured along with the current state of health of the arteries, ie premature ageing, stiffness etc. These are vital indicators that can determine the risk factor for a future serious heart event.
  • Our nutritionist carries out the screenings and can also discuss nutritional and lifestyle changes to the customer if the results so indicates
  • It is a fantastic service to offer your customers as the information is retrieved accurately and quickly and allows your customer to take steps to help prevent any future serious heart health issues.
  • It will compliment your existing health services perfectly providing a comprehensive and affordable heart health check for your customers including a detailed printed out report of their results.
  • It will create new revenue streams for your business – Initial screening + recommended nutritional supplements + rescreening + annual check-up screening
  • Give your customers the best services possible and help enhance and save lives
  • Screenings are affordable and group discounts are available
  • Cholesterol and Diabetes tests can also be included
  • Prevention and education are the cornerstones of long term good health

To arrange a Heart Screening day for your customers in your place of business please call – Tel: 01 2964463, info@eastcoastinternational.ie

ECI Natural Health Clinic, 7 Farmhill Rd, Goatstown, Dublin 14



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