Yoga is for everybody!


Sharon and Brady Aiveen McFarlane on the proven mental and physical benefits of yoga



No matter what your age, fitness level, or flexibility, yoga can be adapted to suit you.  It is best to slowly develop your yoga practice, looking for a class that suits your body and ability and building it up over time.



Benefits of yoga
Some benefits are listed below:

  •    Balance, stability and muscle tone

Yoga increases balance, stability, and muscle tone, which deteriorate with age. Improving balance, stability and muscle tone reduce the likelihood of falling.

  • Flexibility and joint health

Yoga increases flexibility and is also great for aching or stiff joints. 

  • Lung health and capacity

Yoga practice improves lung capacity and strengthens lung function.  Its physical postures (Asanas) and breathing practices (Pranayama) both benefit the lungs.

  •  Reduced anxiety

By focussing on considered movements, by moving with the breath and by finding a place of relaxation in the physical practice, yoga is hugely beneficial in relieving anxiety and stress.

  • Bone health

Yoga slows down or prevents bone density loss because it uses the body itself as the weight being borne and thus is more kind than other forms of weight bearing exercise.

‘Golden yoga’
Golden Yoga is designed for people over 60 years of age, and/or those who have physical limitations, who wish to start practicing yoga. Chairs, bolsters, blocks and blankets are used to ensure that students get the maximum benefit from their yoga class.

Classes begin focusing on the breath and calming the mind.  We pay attention to our physical alignment and notice tactile sensations.  We warm up joints and mus’pranayama’ (yogic breathing techniques).  Classes conclude with a deep, restorative relaxation.

Regular students attending Golden Yoga classes at Samadhi Yoga Dublin in Temple Bar, Dublin  have said:

  • The Golden Yoga classes are very calm and welcoming. Aiveen and Sharon are very focused and encouraging in their delivery and they ensure that each pose is explained. Also, they are mindful of any injuries / problem areas that may be present and adapt poses to suit the needs of the student. The classes are a true pleasure – a great way to start your weekend.’ (Clare)
  • ‘Calm, caring and strengthening instruction from the teachers’ (Bairbre)
  • my balance has improved and my back feels straighter and stronger since starting the Golden Yoga classes’ (Nuala)

It is never too late to start yoga, so why not give it a go!

Sharon and Aiveen (Golden Yoga Teachers, Samadhi Yoga Dublin)


  • If you have serious medical issues, talk to your doctor before starting yoga.
  • Always advise your yoga teacher of any medical conditions or injuries before class.


Sharon and Aiveen currently teach Golden Yoga in Samadhi Yoga Dublin, Cows Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. For further information, please contact Samadhi Dublin at (01) 672 9801 or  You can also check out Samadhi Dublin’s website and sign up to their weekly newsletter at:


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